Heat Pumps


The air to air heat pump comprises outdoor and indoor units mounted on a single frame.
The ‘outdoor’ inverter unit extracts latent heat energy from the surrounding air which is absorbed by refrigerant solution and compressed to a higher temperature. The ‘indoor’ fan
unit transfers this to the inside of the building as hot air. The training rig is an excellent
demonstration tool as it enables both processes to be observed together.

The Air to Air Heat Pump System is mounted on a light weight powder-coated
steel frame fitted with large lockable wheels to provide mobility within
training centres and display rooms.
The training/demonstration rig is pre-charged with refrigerant. Supplied with 2m length of mains cable fitted with a standard 3-pin plug – requires power point access only to be fully functional. Includes:
● Indoor and Outdoor units operating side-by-side (this compromises efficiency but provides great educational value!)
● Indoor Fan Unit
● Refrigerant tube connecting outdoor and indoor units
● Remote multi-functional Control
● Air filters (x2)
● Consumer unit
● Wireless Eco-Eye Smart Electricity monitor – provides accurate readings of electrical consumption.
● Commissioning Documentation, PAT Test & F-Gas Certificates
● Operating process can be reversed to provide cooling air


The training rig is mounted on a light weight powder-coated steel frame fitted with large lockable wheels for ease of mobility within training centres. The rig is designed to simulate a fully working system and can be used for demonstration purposes and training students, highlighting areas where faults can occur. The Rig is compact for storage and fits easily through most standard doorways. A small monobloc air source heat pump is mounted on the top shelf of the rig. This is used to heat a small radiator on the front of the rig and heat exchanger within the display cylinder, which is cut away to expose the inner heating coils. The mobile training rig incorporates an automatic air vent situated between pump and cylinder. A maintenance/access panel is located on the front of the ASHP and is held in place by retaining screws. These can easily be removed to enable inspection of the compressor, condenser, flow sensors and wiring centre. Features: AIR SOURCE HEAT PUMP, 5KW 1 PHASE● DIGITAL REMOTE PROGRAMMER ● STURDY FRAME WITH LOCKABLE WHEELS ● COPPER CYLINDER WITH CUTAWAY SECTION (DISPLAY ONLY) ● CIRCULATING PUMP ● RADIATOR WITH THERMOSTATIC VALVE ● EXPANSION VESSEL ● PRESSURE GAUGE ● SAFETY RELIEF VALVE ● FILLING LOOP ● AIR VENT ● INTERCONNECTING PIPEWORK WITH DRAIN COCK 


This training rig enables the principles of Ground Source heat pumps to be demonstrated on a single unit and is an ideal teaching tool. It allows students to familiarise themselves with the connections of a heat pump and its components. Trainees can also physically feel the heat generated by the heat pump and understand how it absorbs heat from the ground via the ground array.
The training rig features a high temperature single compression heat pump positioned above a ground array (Approx. 25M x 32mm MDPE flexible pipe) and 3-Port heating manifolds linked to short sections of heating pipe.


The Underfloor Heating Training rig is designed to illustrate the different materials that can be used in Underfloor heating complete with a basic working underfloor heating system. It is an ideal training aid, as it is completely mobile. Features:

● 2 forms of pipe-in-screed UFH
● 5 forms of timber floor UFH
● 1 form of UFH overlay suitable for refurbishment projects
● A functional 3-port manifold assembly complete with wiring centre
● 2 forms of room temperature thermostat
● Various floor covering samples
● Parts fully labelled
● Includes schematics


The Ground Array Purging unit is used to demonstrate how the ground source heat pump arrays are purged of air and filled with antifreeze. It comprises a panel mounted twoway manifold assembly and pump and 2 x 50 metre pipe loops. The unit is delivered complete with all necessary fittings, pump and is mounted on an easily transportable frame. 25L Containers of Pre-Mixed Antifreeze collector fluid are available on request.