About Us


Founded in 1997, Sabre Rigs Ltd. started as a small family business run out of a farm workshop in East Sussex. We have been designing and building training rigs to support the education and training sector since. Initially focused on providing training solutions for commercial and industrial gas installations, our rigs have been used to train a whole generation of learners!

We have evolved rapidly into specialists with a distinct focus on sustainable technologies, providing solutions via workshop training rigs, as well as supplying a range of practice installation kits, educational aids, service kits and tools to schools, colleges, universities, prisons and other training centres throughout the British Isles.

COP26, the UK Government’s commitment to achieve NetZero Carbon by 2050 and the emphasis on developing ‘Green Skills’ caused us to rethink our approach. We decided to shift our focus entirely on products and services that support sustainability. We are proud to be the only dedicated designer, supplier and manufacturer of sustainable energy training rigs in the country.

We remain at the cutting edge of energy technologies, devoted to promoting and enabling the highest quality technical education. We are working on new exciting projects, with a focus on developing training equipment and solutions to support the development and learning of hydrogen fuel cell technologies, hybrid systems, rain and grey water harvesting systems. Our range of heat pump and solar PV rigs are hand-built to the highest standards right here in the UK but we also foster collaboration with our international partners – specialists in their fields.

Proudly unique, proudly innovative, we are supporting the upskilling effort towards a green revolution of our economy and the race to NetZero.

Anthony Pike


Sabre Rigs Ltd